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Buying a house! read...
last modified: Sunday, July 02, 2006 (12:29:51 PM CST)
Hey guys,
Found a really cute condo here in town that I just love, payments would be better than my current rent! But I need a down payment/ closing costs, and after my surgery my savings account is gone!

So I am in the final stages of selling out my collection. I hope to have most of it gone by September.

I may still keep my Mars Bank Attack since its just a perfect cel, so dont be surprised if I say I am not selling it. Price on its is FIRM anyways.

Please read on anime beta for information about payment plans.
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Cels and Backgrounds to be listed
last modified: Saturday, May 27, 2006 (2:48:21 PM CST)
On Ebay!

link here:

Backgrounds will be listed tonight or tomorrow
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Gallery Update
last modified: Tuesday, May 23, 2006 (1:17:18 AM CST)
I updated my gallery with some cels for sale and backgrounds for sale.
The Cel lot I have listed is going up to ebay soon,
I am probably going to try to sell it for a lot first.
The price right now is $250
I also have some of my old SM cel books for sale if anyone is interested please email me
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Horse Update
last modified: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 (5:35:37 PM CST)
Hey guys,
well I am thinking this is the horse for me, still waiting for a video back from the owners but the price is right and I love his looks.

So please check the gallery once again and look over cel prices, some I might still be flexible on.

All payment plans need to be completed by March 30 so I can pay these people.
I have a picture if anyone wants to see as well.
But I won't post it online since I don't own him.
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Horse Update
last modified: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 (5:35:35 PM CST)
Hey guys,
well I am thinking this is the horse for me, still waiting for a video back from the owners but the price is right and I love his looks.

So please check the gallery once again and look over cel prices, some I might still be flexible on.

All payment plans need to be completed by March 30 so I can pay these people.
I have a picture if anyone wants to see as well.
But I won't post it online since I don't own him.
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Site update
last modified: Sunday, February 26, 2006 (1:51:34 PM CST)
Please see news section on RS main page
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Gallery Up for OFFERS
last modified: Saturday, February 25, 2006 (11:08:09 AM CST)
Hey guys,
Gallery is for offers again.
Please see WWW below for links.
email nikkina@bresnan.net

I have prices in mind for all my cels so if your offer is lower than I am looking for I will give you my price.

I am once again looking to get a horse and so I really would like to raise this money fast before he is off sale again.

If total is over $500 I would perfer a money order to avoid paypal.com fees

Payment plans are available, so long as they are LESS than 1 month, and MUST be included with offer

First payment DATE : AND AMOUNT
Second payment DATE : AND AMOUNT

and so on.
THis to me is part of the offer, if not included and asked for a payment plan later I will sell to the next buyer.

Any questions feel free to email me.
RIght now there is only 1 cel I am looking to keep and she has a price tag as well! : SOme cels have been sold i will try to update my site later.

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Gallery for offers again
last modified: Sunday, January 22, 2006 (1:18:22 AM CST)
Well now I am looking into buying a horse, and or attending horse college next year. All of this will cost me over $6000 and I can not pay it all without selling some things.

So here is the deal...
1) DO NOT PM ME! I will NOT respond.
2) This is not a desperate sale, so all resonable offers will be considered, and some declined.
3) There isn't much I won't sell if the price is good. Good is based on the price I paid.
4) Payment plans are allowed, but if someone can make a quick payment that will almost insure a sale... almost.
5) Payment plans, no longer than 2 months!
6) Paypal.com for payments only
7) NO emails saying "I don't know what to offer" if you don't knwo what to offer then don't. Sorry if that sounds rude to you, but I have been doing this way too long and so have most of you, most people know what a good offer, decent offer and low balling offer is, and so do I.
If you are new, just make an offer and I may say no but that doesn't mean you cannot REOFFER.
I may even say, "But I will take $XX for that cel"
8) Please include a link to the cel. From either my regular homepage or rubberslug.

I may never upload what has been sold and what hasn't been, I may never put a for sale page up, but that is my choice.

And I think thats all.
Offers send to

my yahoo.com address will work, but it won't be as quick.

nikki n
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Cels added to ebay
last modified: Sunday, January 08, 2006 (1:39:42 PM CST)

Click on the link above to view.
Sales page was updated to reflect sales.

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last modified: Sunday, December 11, 2005 (12:18:21 AM CST)
well it had to be done.
My old layout here was just too hard to navigate, so I redid some things.

Hope everyone likes it.
Remember my main gallery has my for sale page, and I am still taking offers.
Not getting out of collecting, just want more money for my horse!
nikki n
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Making "Generous" Offers
last modified: Tuesday, November 08, 2005 (12:05:26 AM CST)
I love how some cel collectors email you and think they are giving you a really great offer on a cel, when in reality its more like a slap in the face.

To start. I get "low" offers every day from many collectors, but there are collectors out there that KNOW the value of the cels they are looking at and for them to offer something lower its more insulting.

A lot of you have contacted me about my Mars bank attack cel. And a LOT more of you know what I really paid for that cel. Damn near $1000. Was it worth it, to me yes, to others probably not. But its still my call as to what to price my cels at.

As for needing funds, I am trying to bring together some cash to buy off bills so I can attend a horse school in May for 2 weeks that will cost around $3000. Do I need to funds? no, do I NEED to sell this cel? No. If I needed to sell it would I take a price cut. YES!

I think all to often people get caught up in thinking what they are giving you a great offer, and yes maybe to you it is, but when you offer someone lowering than what they paid, its still not good enough. For most of us, we cannot afford to lose $300 on one cel (thats the cost of a couple cels).

So since this isn't a desperate need for cash I wont sell the cel for anything less. That is my choice, what I want to sell it for is my choice, and I have been very accepting to payment plans and potential trades.

That being said, the only one who should be judging what a "Generous " offer is the seller, since the buyer will never know the full reason why the seller is selling, and what the total price of the cel was. I usually sell my cels at least $75 -$150 less than what I pay. This cel was no different. (Its being offered around $750 for cel collectors I know well)

Nikki n
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update coming soon
last modified: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 (12:18:02 AM CST)
well i just figured i might as well update what I got, and I got a shipment coming in mid week, so I am thinking about updating on thrusday or Friday!

4 Sailor moon cels will be updated
Usagi, 2 Reis, and Nephrite!
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Added for sale page!! SM+ ANC+ MKR+ Fy
last modified: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 (12:23:48 PM CST)
Well I went and did it,
added a for sale page to my site, and lowered the price on ALL the cels that were there before!
If you are interested in anything in my gallery now would be a good time to make an offer, a reasonable offer, and I might accept because i just got into my "clean out cel book " stage and everything looks like it can go ^_^

However no "what would y ou like for X cel" emails they will be deleted on recepit!

I like offers that come in as " I would offer $XX price for XX cel" those are straight to the point and a done deal. If I want more I will let you counter offer!

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New cels thanks to auction win!
last modified: Sunday, September 04, 2005 (6:04:50 PM CST)
Well when the alarm went off this morning I was very tempted to just sleep through it, then I remembered why I set my alarm in the first place. I had an auction to win....

So I got up opened the window and the auction was still below my limit! Wonderful

Placed my bid early, and waited for it to end! No competition, nothing! It was great!

The cel I won wasn't a huge wishlist cel, but a great cel from Sailor Moon anyways so I am very excited to be getting it.

Thinking I will update gallery when it comes in..
So Michel, are you happy I was up early now!
Nikki n
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Whats going on in Real Life...
last modified: Thursday, September 01, 2005 (7:19:39 PM CST)
well wow, today started out for me WAY to early, like around 6am. But I never rolled out of bed until about 30 minutes till I needed to get to work! Oh my god I really thought I was going to be late this time, thankfully I got in the Front doors before anyone noticed I wasn't there!

I have to do morning scans on Thrusday , which I dred, because they are long and take away from time I could spend in my department, however what a great surprise, I only had THREE today! That has to be a record low!

Then I took a break, had my Kit Kat, that I really didn't need and talked over some plans for my department with coworker. Gave some other breaks around the store, and then oh my god it was 1pm and I had only gotten my sales planners done. So I went to lunch and figured I would work product when the break was over.

At lunch I was almost in tears over the situation in New Orleans. I just cannot for the life of me imagine what these people are going through/feeling.

After my lunch I walked back downstairs with a new attitude. A coworker mentioned that I looked a lot less stressed and so I told her....

" You know, after watching the news with the New Orleans people, my life just got a whole HELL OF A LOT easier."

I went back to work, got more done then I wanted to, even though I stayed an hour later, and now I am just checking my e-mail, changing my cloths, and chatting for a few minutes with Michel about the cel world before I head out to see the biggest new challege of my life...


Will let you all know how that turns out
nikki n
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New Update coming soon
last modified: Saturday, August 13, 2005 (12:08:36 PM CST)
Well I have some cels coming in and I have been thinking about doing another update to my main site. There will be about 6 new cels all together, mostly of villians, Rei and Haruka and a very funny Usagi cel!

Look for it
nikki n
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Luna Henshin for offers, + others
last modified: Sunday, July 31, 2005 (4:07:54 PM CST)
Luna Henshin offers starting at $305 with Buy out at $500.

I have also been considering selling some others to raise funds to pay off credit card, and enter a training program for my horse.
Cels included are :
Kunzite smirking
Beryl ep 46
Makoto Blushing
Mars Henshin (final shot)
Eternal sailor moon ep 196
Minako ep 37 orange strip
Chibi Usa FlashBack
Sailor Uranus w/Heart Crystal

Other Series
MKR OVA WIndam complete sequence A1-A22 END
Ceres from Ayashi No Ceres

If interested please e-mail me ONLY!!

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Rotating cels
last modified: Saturday, July 30, 2005 (12:07:52 AM CST)
hello everyone!

I decided today that I will start rotating my gallery to show all the cels I have come to own instead of posting everything at once.

The first rotation will begin when I get my newest cel in, and it will feature all my Bank/Henshin/Attack/OP cels! I decided to do this one first because I had asked you all if I should seperate them from my regular collection and you all thought I should so I will post those!
My newest cel happens to be a bank cel so that is why I am waiting!

I may or may not post all the other cels, what do you think?

nikki n
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I've found the way to quit cel collecting!! ^_^
last modified: Saturday, July 23, 2005 (7:22:32 PM CST)
Not that I plan too!
Just thought it would get everyone's attention.
But I will be cutting back more so than I already have, so long as Michel keeps on me like she has been!

I went today to a barn where I wanted to board my horse (Tenape) and told the lady I would do it. Planning to give her a signed contract tomorrow along with a check for $300, see, there went all my cel money!

But this is the best thing for me right now, I may still be into cels and looking, talking and bidding, but I won't be obtaining nearly the amount I used to in favor of spending more money and time on my horse.

As soon as my newest bank cel comes in the mail, I will be uploading my bank section for a small period of time. There should be about 3 updates to that collection, and I might rotate them around for awhile until I feel ready to put the gallery back online.

If you haven't seen any of my horses yet, well check out midnightdance.net under Pictorial and a picture of tenape is already there!

So today, when I saw a cel on yahoo jp I really wanted a week ago, there was nothing, I stil liked it, but I remember having no desire to bid! A wonderful feeling! SO I have discovered the means to quit cel collecting !! Get a hobby that is more Expensive! ^_^

nikki n
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last modified: Sunday, July 17, 2005 (12:39:11 AM CST)
Finally winning some auctions again!
I got on ebay right before I went to work and bid on 2 cels I REALLY wanted.

One is the A13END cel of my OP Beryl! I always loved my shot of her but this is the END and its a better shot in general I think! Price was great too! My max bid was a good ways away.

The second is another villain that I have been after for a while now.
Good day for villain cel!
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Finally home!
last modified: Sunday, July 10, 2005 (2:41:10 PM CST)
Wow, walking in to a nice clean house is a wonderful feeling, only to hear this loud noise coming from my bedroom! Seems I forgot to turn off my water rain thing, and it was REALLY out of water! ^_^

But its good to be home. It will be nice to go to work tomorrow and start making money again! Thankfully I didn't spend too much in Jackson Hole but man looking around at some of the new cels on the market I am glad I am broke!!

To anyone who has e-mailed me offers, I am going through those now!! SORRY!!
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Vacations can be as much work as work!!
last modified: Friday, July 08, 2005 (6:58:20 PM CST)
Well my vacation was officially over today, but because of my work rotation I get the weekend off too! Yea! Because I need it.

I have spent the last week guiding my family from NY all over Wyoming and Yellowstone and frankly I am just dead tired. Today I slept for the good part of the day and still I could go back to bed. (That might have something to do with the fact that after waking up I was helping shoe 5 horses, mostly colts! ) But I should be back in MOntana tomorrow and that will give me Sunday all to my self. (might take me the whole day to get through e-mails)

The nice thing was I got to visit with my family, but man playing tour guide is a LOT of work, and I spent 7 full days with 5 New yorkers! (I am one too mind you, but I have a little Red in me now too I am told ^_^ )

I did get a chance to look at some SM auctions for a few minutes and wow some of those look nice! And cheap too! Good luck to however is going for them, I will probably be staying away from them for now since I want to save up and by my mom's horse Ginger! That is my new goal! What do you think Michel?!!! Keep reminding me girl!

Hope all is well with everyone! I will be around some time tomorrow. (God I hope so at least!)

Nikki N
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Back from the South....
last modified: Sunday, June 26, 2005 (11:16:06 PM CST)
Well Wyoming is south of Montana! so it is true!

Went down to wyoming to visit family since this was my weekend off. Got off work on Friday night, went with friends to see batman Begins. The Movie got out around 11pm then I drove the two hours to wyoming and got there around 1am. My mom got up to greet me! isn't that nice!

fell into bed and woke up around 10am to fetch the horses (Red, Ginger, and Dolly) for the three of us to go riding.
We rode 2 hours up near yellowstone and 2 hours back down! (My butt is killing me!) And is was so worth it! I have pictures I will load to my website later this week!

When we got home I napped till dinner (a whole 20 minutes maybe) and then stayed up watching Phantom of the Opera with mom, then crashed into bed. Only to be woken up at 8am to go to a Dog frisbee competition one of my mom's friends holds, and then to lunch, back to the horse to play doctor with the horses (West nile shots and wormers! ) Karl says he wouldn't ever want to have me give him a shot because I am a little too jabby or something.

Then we went up the south fork to play doctor with the other horses (we have only 8 or the 14 horses we own at our house) and I spotted a heard of elk that my stepfather is usually the one spotting them. I was so proud! Just wish my camera wasn't full from the ride pictures!

Then I drove back home(montana) and now i am very very tired. Have to get up for work tomorrow at 6am too! But then I have realitives coming from NY to visit from JUL 1-8. So if I am not around that is why!

If anyone is interested in seeing the pictures from our rides let me know and I will e-mail you a link when I get that part of my site up again. Its down for now like everything else!

But I think the most amazing thing this weekend proved to me, is that I want to spend more time with my horse (her name is fiddler and she is so cute! ) and that is going to cost a WHOLE lot of money! I am hoping to have her up here in montana by October, or November (after hunting season since they like to use her then) so I have a new goal to save for!

And just to those that were talking with me the last couple of weeks, she is doing MUCH better and the Horsey vet said that she should be fine and her condition hasn't gotten worse!

Going to crash into bed again...
Nikki N
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Gallery stuff...
last modified: Tuesday, June 21, 2005 (10:47:25 PM CST)
Well been thinking things over again, and I think its time to take a new turn in direction.
(please note this may sound like a rant)

My car insurance bill came last month and I was so proud that I had planned to pay it right away. But as life seems to have it with me, when the time came, I couldn't pay it. (Still trying to come up with money)

I think my main problem is that I set up a goal of a certain number of cels to obtain before reopening my cel gallery. Looking back now, that seems rather silly! (for me) For the past few months all I have been doing is trying to reach that new goal and it just isn't worth it.

My first main hobby in life has always been with my horses, and recently I found someone who might be able to help me get back into that part of my life that has been missing since I started college a few years back. However this is also another expensive hobby and thus will need some funding in the future as well. (damn)

I was talking with my mother (and michel!) about getting on track and setting up my bills so that my savings account is ready to be drawed upon the first of the money and that way bills are paid, done and I can use the rest of the money for other things (be that cels, horses, clothing, or other fun stuff). However this is another thing that will need some funding before I can get it started.

So I am reopening the gallery for about a week maybe two so that everyone has a chance to look over cels and make any offer they see fit. Some cels I might not sell, others may be easier to get from me. I honesty do not know what I will or won't sell until I get an offer for the cel.

I will not respond.

Payment for these cels will need to be received within 10 days, if your offer is accepted. }
No Exceptions. Sorry.

A higher offer doesn't always win out with me, sometimes a good offer is enough. As much as everyone hates these, please feel free to try if you would like.

Offering a low amount will not be looked down on, so be open and just give it your best.
And who knows! I might not take any offers!

So that is where my life is at for cels wise.
Sorry if this comes out weird, I had a bad couple of days and I think its becoming apparent in my writing.

Once I close the gallery again the password will change, and only the main pages on my cels.midnightdance.net will be updated (which they are frequently)

Also have some other neat SM things in the works! Hope to have some of those out soon for the SM cel community!

wow.. I have been writing for the past 20 minutes! Better go check laundry!

Nikki n
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Big Web Auction time! Zenbu arrived
last modified: Monday, June 13, 2005 (6:56:31 PM CST)
I know a lot of people just perfer to save their money and not get the Zenbu, but let me tell you I love the feeling of opening the catalog and looking through all the cels in one clean move!
Its also funny because I can usually point it out to the Post Office people before they can find it!

Well looks like I am going to be broke during the middle of July early august again! Now I just wish they would START already! ^_^
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New cels coming... thanks to early morning
last modified: Friday, June 10, 2005 (5:41:06 PM CST)
Well I went to work last night at 9.30pm, and left around 4am. Our store manager bought us all breakfast so I walked in the house around 6 am, but a cel I wanted was on auction so should i have waited and gotten up later.. no?

That was a long night, and sadley I am going back to work again less than 10 hours later! But the good news is I got my Cel this morning, one I have been after for quite some time!

they are starting to pile up, and thankfully I have kept on top of them. But I am still 22 cels shy of my update. I am thinking around October I might have them all by then. Maybe not though ^_^

going to work....
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New website...
last modified: Friday, May 27, 2005 (11:13:16 PM CST)
Well I posted this before, but I think this one might really work this time! I am done with yahoo! geocities and their horrible customer service! Its just way too bad for me to continue giving them 100+ a year for a site domain when they cannot seem to understand their own system! Its very annoying.

SO I am still working on it, but midnightdance.net should be up and running by Monday if all goes well!!

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Another Rei cel to add to the list....
last modified: Sunday, May 22, 2005 (1:22:14 AM CST)
Got a Rei cel coming soon that I have been wanting for a long time. The scene is really important from the S season and I just love the shot.
Hoping to have that one updated with my other 10+ cels when I reach my goal of 100 cels. The current count is 77!!

nikki n
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Big day for getting cels
last modified: Sunday, May 15, 2005 (8:39:36 PM CST)
Well I came home from work today, rather stressful day, to find I got 3 of the 3 wishlist cels I had put in for!! Thats saying something since recently I have been losing out more than gaining.

2 of the cels I never thought I had a chance of winning and the second just appeared and is a HUGE wishlist cel.
So now my count of SM cels is up to 66 which means I only have 34 more cels to go until I update. That might be another year , or at the rate I am going now, next month!

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New layout. Neptune Featured
last modified: Wednesday, May 11, 2005 (2:02:39 PM CST)
I recently got some of the SMS on DVD and have been watching those OLD episodes, and I have come to realize how much I love Sailor Neptune again. She has always been a favorite of mine and after watching those shows I remember why i just about died when my cel of her and Mars showed up on Mandarake years ago. Those two together in one cel was worth more to me than the cel I have of her and Uranus!

So I decided that the Kikyou theme needed to go for now, I love that theme very much, but I love change more, so since my biggest focus is on Sailor Moon I figured I would put old Neptune up for the Summer.

Not sure how much I like this layout, but it was done in less than 10 minutes so that could be why.
Any comments?
Please feel free to leave them.
Also was thinking about putting gallery back online in September? Maybe August?
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Cels all dried up? What a day :(
last modified: Monday, May 02, 2005 (6:21:07 PM CST)
Well it seems that way, maybe because I cannot find anything I *really* want to bid on. Sure there are cels I would like, but nothing I have to have. I always hate when this happens, then when everything starts appearing again, I get upset because there is TOO much.
Man I guess I am never happy.
In other news... my team got our business plan rejected by the state business plan compeition, that upset me. But then I found out a friend is going on the Japan trip our school does once a year (graduating this spring so was my last chance) and I couldn't go BECAUSE of the business plan, and now I REALLY want to go.

So if anything "worthy" shows up on JP watch out! I am SOO in the mood to spend a HELL OF A LOT OF MONEY! Gotta love those credit cards.

lets see anything else....
oh on the good side only 2 finals left! ^_^

WAIT!!! What do you think of X the clamp show? Please e-mail me nikkinar@bresnan.net with your opinion. I got these DVDs and not sure if I should watch them or send them back
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Nothing like a bidding war to get the blood moving in the morning!
last modified: Thursday, April 28, 2005 (9:26:28 AM CST)
Nothing like a bidding war to get the old blood moving. Best thing for waking up in the morning.
Funny thing, the bidder didn't place a bid til the VERY end. Thankfully I am very attentive and got that there was a bid.

So out of the 2 cels I was set on getting this morning, 1 was won and the other I am still waiting to hear on.

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Cels updated
last modified: Wednesday, April 27, 2005 (8:36:06 PM CST)
Got 3 new cels loaded to the site
let me know what you think
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Having a Good Day ^_^
last modified: Wednesday, April 27, 2005 (2:46:13 PM CST)
Well I got an e-mail from my Business Law teacher today saying that right about now I am sitting around an A for the class (so long as I don't fail the final!) and that e-mail made my day.
This was after I was awoken from a pounding on my door. Guess who! Post man! I didn't get it in time though, so now I need to go to the Post Office to pick up my goodies!

So then I went to the Mall and bought a new sweater shirt, and a cherry blossom candle that is currently lit and doing its job (it may not be spring here with the snow falling, but it smells like it ^_^) So spent some more money! that was great fun

Now I am just waiting for 2pm so I can go get whatever the post man brought me. I am thinking if its my cels from Japan that I will update my private gallery tonight and make the new cels public for a week tomorrow.

That is my goal for now.
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last modified: Tuesday, April 26, 2005 (4:28:07 PM CST)
Well I never really was interested in gengas before, but I guess thats not really true anymore.
Recently, a lot of my newer cels have been coming with them and I find them somewhat interesting. (This is probably the fault of my good friend mina!)

Now they are just as tempting as cels (though I wouldn't spend near the same in cash). There are quite a few on auction now that I am eying. But first I need to pay my car payment ^_^

Man I wish I could have picked up a CHEAP hobby.
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New cels here, what to do?
last modified: Tuesday, April 26, 2005 (1:18:24 PM CST)
One cel from Mandarake arrived today, and some others are on their way. I am still about 30 something cels short my gallery reopen update, but I would like to display these.

So I was thinking maybe just re-open the gallery for a week, maybe with a small update and then close it after some time.

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Coming soons are adding up!
last modified: Tuesday, April 19, 2005 (5:41:08 PM CST)
Oh god.
Just looking through my "coming soon" cels and I almost lose my mind. Did I really buy that many cels last month? Just another reason why I am glad my gallery is closed... no hurry to scan them in!

But two of them are wishlist cels from the top up! One comes right my "dream" cel list, and the other I am still in awe over.
And they are both Sailor Moon cels! Imagine that.

I was thinking that its time for me to start collecting from the other series a little bit more now too, but then something else always comes up. Speaking of which, I need to start selling again. Something I hate to do, but usually have to!

Just what to sell?
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Cels Hidden
last modified: Tuesday, April 12, 2005 (12:43:59 AM CST)
Okay before anyone goes off the deap end let me explain.
1) I have spent in the last few weeks more time than anyone should on my gallery - results on worth the effort

2) Michel and I spent over a week on a cel hunt in hopes of bring back the "fun" to the Sailor Moon community. For years it has been a mess due to problems that started about 3 years back. I had myself then stopped collecting and never want to get into that shit again.
So we thought this would be great, fun, and would bring people together a bit like some of the other cel communities. - Result... basically one person submitted something (thanks Rachelle! You made our days!)

3) And this is NOT aimed at SME only because I have been hearing this from over a DONZEN sources including, and MOSTLY people I don't talk to... but years back people used to talk about closing their galleries because the hobby wasn't fun anymore. I guess to that I just need to say that you cannot let other rule for you.
Its sad because in the end, these people have won, and you let them.

Why let them win? Why give them the satifaction that they got to you? Just tell them to fuck off and smile doing so. Its the internet. Have fun in life, think of the good and positive things life is offering you.

4) And lastly I am by no means closing my gallery. Just got sick of hearing about these people, and if they are out there, I don't want to deal with them. Cels are only displayed here and you need a password to view them.
I will be updating here with new cels as they come in, but once again you will need a password to view them.

5) When will galleries be back online?
Don't know, whenever I start to see a come around in this community maybe, maybe when I feel the results of working are are rewarded or just recongized?

Michel and I are both going to be comining our websites and making a special gallery for the SUMMER only called:
"Flashes from the Millennium"

There will be a limited number of cels and most of them you all haven't seen yet... so look for it. I have huge wishlist that I will be adding.

till then.

and once again this is not directed towards SME(who I have found to be one of the most help people in the community) just a generlization.
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New Cels Added
last modified: Saturday, April 02, 2005 (3:14:14 PM CST)
Well I got everything in yesterday, so I thought to update!
Remember that my main gallery has sketches, and desc.

Okay Now I am going back to work on my business plan.
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New cels coming!
last modified: Monday, March 28, 2005 (8:43:10 AM CST)
Man I finally got the e-mail with shipping confirmation from Mandarake! I was having problems confirming my payment because my credit card was being weird, but it finally went and I got my newest cel on its way.

Along with that... I got a cel I made an offer on coming this week, a cel from a jp seller that I have wanted since I started collecting.. and some non cel items from my deputy as well.
Man the PO is going to love me this week!

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New website!
last modified: Tuesday, March 22, 2005 (2:44:07 PM CST)
Well after much hassle in trying to get the website set up, I think I finally did it!

I should be moving my real site to a new domain in a few months.

Very excited because it will be saving me money and I get a lot more features than with geocities Y!

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Cel Prices
last modified: Tuesday, March 22, 2005 (10:53:02 AM CST)
Okay this is going to be a rant...100%!

I got up earlier this morning to bid on a auction from jp (non sailor moon!). I had lost a couple auction from SM recently so I had the cash to spend elsewhere and decided it was time to get back into my other series a little bit.

I decided already that my max bid was going to be around $400 since that seemed about fair to win the cel... or so I thought. When I checked the auction this morning the auction was at 70,000 yen!! Talk about a surprise! I like the cel and all, but that was pushing it.

Then I remembered the series I was trying to collect again from and why I stopped in the first place. People from this series bid enormous amounts of money for reason I will never understand.

First off the cel was an A2 cel, not A1key or A2END, just A2. I have paid close to 70,000 yen for an A1END cel. But that cel will never be seen again on auction. This cel will probably show up again in a month or so once other sellers see what it ended at. And because this series is known for having a lot of sequence mates around, I am still in awe that someone would spend that much!

In the last month alone, I have seen 2 different cels with 2 sequence mates on jp, and I am almost sure I've seen this one before too.

So I guess the good news is that this bidder will be out of the running next time around, and I might get it cheaper...

Just a rant.
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last modified: Thursday, March 17, 2005 (9:22:36 AM CST)
For any SM fans, I loaded the Zenbu magazine in part to my gallery but its under password protection because it costed me $30.

So for a one time deal (^_^) I will give SM fans access to the gallery to view the SM cel that will be in the Big Web Auction in April.

Just e-mail me for the password.
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Possible new website?
last modified: Thursday, March 17, 2005 (9:17:52 AM CST)
Well I was playing around with my front page function and found out that my forms won't work with the web hosting provider I have! Very upset about that so I started looking around and I think I found a new web hosting provider!

I will have a LOT more space and could probably do a lot more interactive things with the website. Not sure what all those could be, but I am open to suggestions, should I get the new domain!

Its a cheaper domain as well, but I got to pay an annual fee instead of monthly, but saves me around $50 a year!

So thats were I am right now.
Still thinking I might have an update early Summer, June or July most likely.
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Cels in General
last modified: Tuesday, March 15, 2005 (2:42:17 PM CST)
Well it seems that as soon as I got all my newest cels paid off, more cels just keep appearing that I feel I need to have! And most of them aren't under 250 ^_^

I think this is usually why it takes me so long to complete an update. I can only buy a cel or two a month with the price tags of some of these cels! (Ie Mars Bank) But they are worth it.

I guess I just needed to vent. I don;t know if I will get any of these cels since I was looking forward to paying off some bills early with my new job that just started this week, but maybe that can wait.....

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Main Gallery Updated
last modified: Wednesday, February 23, 2005 (1:25:54 PM CST)
Well my last update was in June, and I know that I just said yesterday that I was updating on friday but because of a work schedule, I changed my mind and decided to do so today.

I updated with 16 new Sailor Moon cels. All these cels have been bought since last June.

I will probably get around to updating rubberslug in about two weeks.

till then.
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Newest Cel Arrived
last modified: Tuesday, February 22, 2005 (5:16:30 PM CST)
Well I just got home from the post office with my newest cel ( and the cel that has probably took the longest to pay off!) therefore I only need to receive my 1 other cel and I will have my update. I am planning now on updating this Friday sometime with the following break down:
Sailor Moon cels (16 new cels!)
- Most of these come from the first season too!

Another added feature is all the cels have information pages with images of their sketches (if that cel has one) and screen caps (Thanks Christina! again)

I don't think I will be adding any cels for sale, but I might update the backgrounds section, along with adding some other misc. items to a sale page.

I will have 1 cel up for a possible trade and that is on the for sale page.
I Think thats it for now.
Check out the update on Friday
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Some new cels in...
last modified: Wednesday, February 16, 2005 (2:05:37 PM CST)
I just got two of the four cels I am waiting for to update with.
Thanks Anna!
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Update Sooner than expected
last modified: Sunday, February 13, 2005 (1:16:53 PM CST)
I had some extra cash, so I paid off all my payments plans earlier than I thought I would so I am hoping to update within the next two weeks!
Unless I find something else I really want and then decide to wait... which I think I might still update since it has been a while

My Main gallery will get the update first, and then after a few weeks I will update Rubberslug.
The main gallery will be complete with scene description, episode number, screen caps (thanks to Christina at SME!) sketches (never before seen! ^_^) and my personal comments.
Rubberslug is also getting a new look.
I will no longer be posting larger images on this site, since my main sites has them, and I don't see a reason to have them in both places.

thats all for now.
nikki n
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